Here's some various pictures of Niederlinxweiler, history, family, travels, journeys, adventures, escapes, etc…
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This paper documents the Niederlinxweiler seal.
Pre WWII pic of Niederlinxweiler taken from airplane
Seal used by Johann Georg Bager while serving the office as Reverend in Neiderlinxweiler
Our family seal?
Plate with Niederlinxweiler seal
Picture taken by the current Mayor of Niederlinxweiler from hot air ballon
Jon Baugher in front of the Niederlinxweiler city limits sign
Baugher kids in Paris
Alan, Deb, Jeff and Jon hangin at the Louver on a full moon night
A little french wine on the beaches of Normandy, France at 3 a.m.
More pictures to come!
Posing in Luxemburg
This is the present day church located on the exact location of where the church from Johann Georg Bager stood.
A picture in front of the church in Niederlinxweiler. The Mayor Hartmut Schiffler(left) Jon Baugher (middle) Reverend (right)
The is the pupit inside the present day church. The "crown" that you see above the stand, is the only original piece surviving from the church that Johann Georg Bager headed for approx. 50 years in Niederlinxweiler.
Inside the church with organ in back.
Melanie and Jamie Baugher in beutiful St. Augustine, Florida at the old spanish fort
Talented Rafie Baugher getting down as the front man of the band!
Jeff Baugher in the German foxhole on Omaha Beach - Normandy, France